Ray’s Crazy Summer Mix

A 7-way grass/legume/brassica mix for cover crop and/or forage. This versatile warm-season cover crop mixes a diverse variety of stress-tolerant summer annuals—cowpea, sorghum-sudans, pearl millet, radish, forage brassica and sunflower—that can be used as a short-term cover crop, a soil-building transition crop to renovate depleted soils, a beef cattle grazing mix, or some combination of these. It also contains several blooming species that, if left to grow and flower, will attract beneficial species. The mix is beneficial for both no-till and conventional-till soils.

Ray’s Crazy Mix is excellent for farmland reclamation, renovation, or when transitioning forest or brush-land land back into production. For vegetable growers it is also a good short season summer cover crop to build soil organic matter and contribute fertility in selected beds or fields.  In a high tunnel or green house setting, Ray’s Crazy Mix can remediate soils during the summer months and to build soil organic matter, without extensive tillage. Recommended seeding rate: 40-60 lbs/A.

Inoculate with peanut inoculant for best legume nitrogen fixation

Rays Crazy Summer Mix Tech Sheet

Great for wildlife food plots!


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