TriCal i Blend

TriCal i Triticale blend is the 815 you know and love, with the added bonus of a harvest indicator variety. The small portion of Gainer 154 will head out approximately 1 week before the Trical i, giving a clear indicator when it is time to harvest for optimal quality.

TriCal i Triticale blend is a leafy triticale that is ideally suited to high quality forage production for lactating dairy cows and finishing beef diets. Its leaf to stem ratio is quite high. It is excellent at uptaking and assimilating large amounts of nitrogen, making it a top choice for managing manure waste nutrients over the winter.

It’s maturity makes it a great choice for double cropping with corn silage as growing degree days and season allow. TriCal i Triticale blend’s semi-erect growth habit and sensitivity to grazing make it a secondary choice for intensive grazing use.

TriCal i Triticale blend is very responsive to good fertility and crop management. Apply spring fertilizer early for maximum yield and protein.

Total nitrogen needed for flag leaf to boot stage harvest should be 100 to 125 lb/A, with split fall and spring application ideal. Manure can be credited to these nutrient needs, but commercial fertilizer is recommended for at spring green-up when soils are too cold to mineralize nutrients.

Harvest Management
Wide-swath for best drying and ensile at 65%-70% moisture. The “haylage in a day” model is recommended for best fermentation and sugar preservation. Always test for nitrates before feeding.

TriCal i Triticale Blend Tech Sheet

At A Glance:

  • Leafy, semi-erect growing triticale with high silage quality
  • Good for double cropping with corn silage
  • Quality is slightly higher than rye
  • More tonnage than wheat, rye and barley


  • 95% TriCal 815
  • 5% Gainer 154

Best Use:

  • Haylage, Baleage


  • Seeding rate: 125-150 lbs/A
  • Seeding Depth: 3/4” – 1”, Large box
  • Planting Dates: Early Fall (late September through mid-October in Southeastern PA)