TriCal i Blend

TriCal i Blend is the 815 you know and love, with the added bonus of a harvest indicator variety.  The small portion of Gainer 154 will head out approx. one week before the 815, giving a clear indicator when it is time to harvest for optimal quality.

This leafy winter triticale was bred for high forage yield and quality. 815 consistently has the superior NDF digestibility in our test plots. Its maturity date is similar to most winter wheats. Very wide harvest window allows you flexibility in attaining both forage quantity and quality. Harvest before head emergence. Can be no-tilled into thin alfalfa stands to increase first cut tonnage. Also a great grain and straw product.

Recommended seeding rate: 100-150 lbs/A.

Also available in Certified Organic.

TriCal i Triticale Blend Tech Sheet


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