King’s PLH 544

A new high yielding fall dormancy 5, potato leaf hopper resistant variety of alfalfa, that can rival elite conventional varieties even when leaf hopper pressure is low. This alfalfa is multifoliate, with medium to fine stems.

  • 5 Fall Dormancy
  • 2Winter Survival
  • 35/35 Disease Rating
  • Phytophthora Root: High Resistance
  • Bacteria Wilt: High Resistance
  • Fusarium Wilt: High Resistance
  • Verticullum Root Rot: High Resistance
  • Aphanomyces-Race 1: High Resistance
  • Aphanomyces-Race 2: High Resistance
  • Anthracnose: High Resistance
  • Aphids: Resistance
  • PLH: High Resistance
  • Root: Tap

King’s PLH 544 Tech Sheet

Key Features

  • Outstanding tolerance to Potato Leaf Hoppers
  • Excellent Pest Resistance
  • Works well in both organic and conventional production systems
  • High resistance to six major diseases
  • High forage yield potential
  • Highly suitable to heavy soils where root rots are a concern



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