KingFisher 425HD

KF-425HD is an exceptionally high yielding and high quality alfalfa with excellent digestibility. KF425HD was bred for herbage quality and delivers outstanding NDFD 48 and TTNDFD scores. With these high quality attributes, KF-425HD has comparable lignin ratings similar to the non-GMO low lignin alfalfas. KF-425HD has an excellent agronomic package that provides a very persistent and healthy plant for top production over a broad range of soils. Place KF-425HD on your most productive soils for the greatest value of this tremendous variety. HD® is a Registered Trademark of Legacy Seeds, Inc.

HD® is a Registered Trademark of Legacy Seeds, Inc.
2017 World Forage Superbowl Grand Champion, Organic Hay—Opportunity Acres, Lena, WI

Technical Characteristics:

  • Fall Dormancy: 4.5
  • Winter Survival Index: 2.0
  • Disease Resistance Index: 30/30
  • Multi-leaf Yes
  • High Digestibly Yes
  • Yield Potential Excellent
  • Forage Quality Exceptional
  • Recovery after cut: Very Fast
  • Root: Tap

KF-425HD Tech Sheet

Key Features

  • Outstanding digestibility
  • Low lignin
  • Persistent plant on a wide range of soils
  • Very leafy variety
  • Best on highly productive soils


  • Seeding rate: 18-22 lbs/A
  • Seeding Depth: Surface to 1/4” on a firm seed bed.

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