KingFisher 406AP2

KF 406AP2 is an exceptionally high yielding, persistent alfalfa with a branch root structure and excellent plant health. KF 406AP2 has an excellent agronomic package that has resistance to multiple strains of Aphanomyces. KF 406AP2 delivers a quality forage similar to other high quality varieties. The strong disease resistance package expands the acres KF-406AP2 will be productive. KF 406AP2 was developed using the StandLife Genetics™ breeding program, which bred and selected for high levels of resistance to multiple strains of APH 2. KF 406AP2 with StandLife Genetics™ has healthier roots and plants compared to other varieties.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Fall Dormancy: 4.0
  • Winter Survival Index: 2.0
  • Disease Resistance Index: 35/35
  • Multileaf: No
  • APH2 Resistance: Yes
  • Yield Potential: Excellent
  • Forage Quality: Very Good
  • Crown Type: Average
  • Recovery after cut: Fast
  • Root: Branch

KF-406AP2 Tech Sheet

Key Features

  • Excellent agronomic package with disease resistance to multiple strains of Race 2
  • Bred for great branched roots and plant health
  • High quality forage
  • Aphanomyces Race 2 prunes roots, reduces root nodulation, yield and stand life


  • Seeding rate: 18-22 lbs/A
  • Seeding Depth: Surface to 1/4”
  • Plant in a firm seedbed

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