Hipast Festulolium

Fescue Type Festulolium

Hipast is a persistent festulolium forage grass and with its robust ground cover, density and softness it will suite grazing and silage making.

Resistant and Persistent

With its resistance to rust, snow mold and helminthosporium, Hipast has distanced itself from other festuloiums and will not only suit cold areas with its high winter hardiness, but also suit excellent in warm, humid areas afflicted by drought periods and diseases.

Yield and Forage Quality

Hipast is a late festulolium and it delivers fast regrowth and increasing yield year after year. It will not only deliver an exceptional high yield buy one of the qualities which Hipast possesses, is the high content of digestible matter in combination with high-energy content.

Characteristics and Ratings

  • Persistence: 9/9
  • Rust Tolerance: 6/9
  • Winter Hardiness: 8/9
  • Spring Growth (early): 7/9
  • Ground Cover: 6/9
  • Grazing Tolerance: 8/9
  • Mixture Adaptation: 8/9
  • Density: 7/9

Hipast techsheet

Key Features

  • High digestibility
  • Increased Yield
  • Persistence
  • Drought Tolerance
  • Resistant to disease
  • Late maturity


  • Seedling Rate: 30-40lbs/acre

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